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What is the Academy?

It is a membership organization. Members include environmentalists, writers, drug abuse counselors, physicians and other health specialists. They are united by an interest in the use of the detoxification procedure developed by L. Ron Hubbard to address the problems of chemical exposure and drug abuse.

What does the Academy do?

Its primary purpose is to provide information. This can range from reporting the latest detoxification studies to assistance to professionals who are interested in implementing detoxification in their treatment programs. It does not provide diagnosis of health problems or treatment for health problems.

How does this detoxification program work?

A complete answer to this question could fill a book. (In fact, Mr. Hubbard did write a book on the subject, "Clear Body Clear Mind.")

There are several elements. Aerobic exercise increases circulation and "mobilizes" chemical residues from body tissue. Low-heat sauna sweats them out. Oil supplements prevent the re-absorption of toxins. Vitamins and minerals are taken to replace what's lost in the sauna.

For a more detailed discussion, click here

If you want the whole story, you can find "Clear Body Clear Mind" at most major bookstores. If you prefer, you can click here to purchase it online (from Barnes and Noble).

Has this detoxification program ever been studied?

Yes. It has been established to be safe and effective over the course of more than two decades. 

Papers documenting its use to reduce body levels of man-made chemicals such as PCBs, DDT, HCH and residues of cocaine and marijuana have been published by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer, the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the American Public Health Association, the Society for Occupational and Environmental Health and others. The Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education (FASE) contributed to much of this work. 

These publications have been broadly distributed throughout the world. In the US alone, hundreds of libraries have requested papers for their reference collections. For examples, visit the "About Detoxification" section of this Web site.

How was the Academy created?

In 1994, a diverse gathering of experts—environmentalists, writers, drug abuse counselors, physicians and other health specialists—met in Los Angeles to attend a colloquium on detoxification. Representatives were present from the U.S., Canada, Great Britain and the former Soviet Union.

Attendees at this meeting resolved to establish an association of detoxification specialists, to use their combined expertise to meet the international demand from professionals in the fields of occupational and environmental medicine and drug rehabilitation for information on Mr. Hubbard’s detoxification procedure.

The first major initiative of this association was the sponsorship of an International Conference on Human Detoxification, held in Los Angeles in December 1995.

This meeting attracted an international group of physicians, scientists, researchers, drug abuse specialists, writers, policy analysts, environmentalists and government representatives. It was perhaps the first conference to consider the effects of chemical exposures and drug abuse as related matters.

A second conference was held in Stockholm, Sweden in the fall of 1997. These meetings brought forth a demand for training and technical assistance, and underscored the need for the Academy.

Does the Academy have any current projects?

There are two of particular interest.

The first relates to the so-called "Gulf War syndrome." While hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent studying the problems faced by veterans of the Gulf War, little has been done to address their physical complaints.

A number of veterans have completed detoxification, with remarkable results. Based on this, a controlled study is being developed. There is tremendous support for this work among veterans, as it represents one of the few efforts to help them resolve their symptoms. (Nor is the program experimental, with nearly two decades of safe use in clinical settings.)

A report on this work was made to the Presidential Oversight Board for Department of Defense Investigations of Gulf War Chemical & Biological Incidents. You can find it in the "About Detoxification" section of this website.

The second major area of activity relates to the after-effects of radiation exposure. Under the direction of Russian researchers and physicians, a number of studies have examined the use of detoxification to treat those affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

A recent paper on this work, presented at a conference recently held by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, can be found in the "About Detoxification" section of this website.

As is the case with Gulf War veterans, the detoxification pilots in Russia represent one of the few existing possibilities for those harmed by radiation to recover their health. 

L. Ron Hubbard founded the Scientology religion. Is the Academy part of the Church?

No. Individual Churches of Scientology do deliver the detoxification program ("Purification Program") to their parishioners. More than 200,000 have completed it.

At the same time, a growing number of people in the fields of medicine, toxicology and substance abuse treatment are concerned about the effects that man-made chemicals and drugs can have on health. 

As the only widely-studied technique known to eliminate such substances from body tissue, Mr. Hubbard's detoxification method has attracted interest from these professionals. 

For those who want to implement the program in a clinical setting, peer-to-peer discussion and guidance are important. 

This is what the Academy hopes to facilitate through its membership and information services. The Academy does not provide diagnosis or treatment, or recommendations regarding such matters.

If you have any additional questions, please write to us at info@detoxassociation.org.

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