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The Academy is comprised of individuals from many disciplines and professions. While its members are all interested in the broad
utilization of the detoxification program to address problems related to chemical contamination, the Academy is not an extension of any one profession or discipline, nor does it take a position on a discipline or healing art as long as it is legal, sound and does no harm.

Further, the Academy's activities are solely educational and informational, and the Academy itself does not seek to diagnose or treat any individual nor does it seek to specify any treatment modality for a medical professional or any other person in the healing arts.

While the academy seeks to distinguish the unique detoxification program through the name of its developer, 
L. Ron Hubbard, this use of the name
is solely to identify the program's author. The names "Hubbard" and "Purification Rundown" are trademarks that neither the Academy nor its members has the authority to use in commerce or any other venue without written permission of the trademark holders.

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